“Why SaaS?”

With the SaaS version of Opportunity Manager you get greater flexibility over what your software package looks like by only paying for which feature sets your company needs. We do this through our new Add Ons functionality. In addition to this, because we’re hosting the software for you, this means you have less overhead to worry about. SaaS is a great option for affordability and flexibility!

Retail Sales and Install

The Opportunity Manager™ is a suite of sales and operational tools that will evolve your business into a profit generating machine. No other solution offers the power and control over sales and operations that the Opportunity Manager provides.

Designed 100% for the Cloud, it is usable on any device with Internet connection and a browser. The Opportunity Manager can implement a complete paperless process for your entire Sales and Install processes.

Top 10 PROVEN Benefits

  •  Increase closing ratio
  •  Increase upsells
  •  Increase average sale
  •  Sell more accessories
  •  Structured sales process
  •  Reduce call backs
  •  Reduce omissions on estimates
  •  Proposal proposals
  •  Improve labor efficiency
  •  More revenue, same installers


Sales Presentation

  • Using an interactive process, The Opportunity Manager™ provides a “High Touch” sales process that personalizes the buying experience for the homeowner.
  • Highly Personalized to your company’s sales processes.
  • Implement an Accessory selling strategy that offers accessories on EVERY proposal.
  • Offer financing on EVERY proposal.
  • The Showroom is an invaluable tool for salespeople to educate customers about high efficiency products. It is fully integrated into the Opportunity Manager system. Optional versions for use on your company's website, iPads, Android and Windows mobile devices.

Other Features

  • The proposal that is generated draws all the pricing information from an extensive database of your products and labor pricing structure. This database is set up by us before we install the software.


  • The Opportunity Manager™ makes managing your entire sales process a breeze. You can quickly and easily change the costs and margins of any product with just a few "clicks".
  • Centrally manage your Retail prices.
  • Easily manage your prices to your desired blended margins.
  • Manage your accessory and equipment upgrades and add-ons.
  • Implement tiered financing.


  • Job budgets allow you to hone your job costing and labor management.
  • Sales tracking and sales performance reports including profitability indicators, such as GPMD, to show you which sales are the most profitable.
  • Lead tracking reports.
  • Sales Performance reporting.
  • Labor efficiency reports.
  • Reports that measure closing ratios, average sale price, # of accessories, month goals, etc.


  • Automated job packets.
  • Detailed pull and material sheets.
  • Labor budgets.
  • Detailed onsite photos and directions.
  • Accessories sheet
  • Change orders