Core Components

With the Core Components your company will have everything to make proposals and contract. This includes the ability to customize the theme of your proposals, setting up yout gross profit margins and commissions, your labor rates, products that you offer and having a job budget to view the profitability of each proposal offered.


Being able to manage and track your jobs, post-sale, is a crucial part of any total install process. With this addon you’ll be able automatically generate reports, perform job costing, and change orders.
  • Create and manage job packets
  • Job packets are created based on the sold proposal
  • Track and manage labor hours
  • Do job costing
  • Perform onsite change orders
  • Total communication from Sales to Install
By providing features like tiered financing, proposal template management, and product kit building, this addon is so dynamic in terms of the amount of value it delivers, it’s a must have for any company looking to take their business to the next level.
  • Setup weighted financing
  • In-depth divisor setup
  • Value based pricing
  • Manage different departments
  • Create and manage proposal templates
  • Create equipment bundles
  • Dashboard reports
Most people are visual learners and pictures help us understand what’s being communicated. By utilizing this addon you’ll be able to add the extra level of communication and value to your sales process.
  • Create an interactive collateral book
  • Manage sales forms available to your sales team
  • Create and customize accessory brochures
  • Interactive animated showroom
  • Upload onsite images to your installation instructions
Another essential tool to any profitable and growing business are accurate and robust reports. Opportunity Manager provides reports on everything from Job Budgets, to Sales Performance, Lead tracking, Average Labor Times, and Top Moving Products.
  • Manage individual sales goals
  • Track referrals
  • Track job actuals
  • Job budgets for every proposal
  • Sales performance reporting
  • Lead logs
  • Profit Coach reports (only available to Profit Coach clients)
Track and Schedule your Leads and Jobs with Opportunity Manager.
  • Built in appointment calendar
  • Schedule Lead appointments
  • Schedule Job appointments
  • Calendar Integration
  • Google
  • MS Outlook
QuickBooks by Intuit is an industry leader offering small to medium-sized businesses, professional accounting applications. Integrating QuickBooks & Opportunity Manager eliminates tedious, manual data entry and automatic data flow settings save your company both time and money! Customizing your adaptable feature settings allows you to decide what Opportunity Manager data synchronizes to your Quick Books account!
  • Customer Contact Information - Phone number, Billing & Site address
  • Invoice - Sale pricing & Discounts
  • Payroll - Spiffs & Commissions
The Gensco Integration for Opportunity Manager keeps all Gensco equipment, material costs & SKU’s up to date with the click of a mouse! Job orders can be placed through Opportunity Mangers seamless ordering process using the materials and equipment needed for each install.
  • Order directly from your Gensco warehouse
  • Model Numbers and SKU’s are always up to date!
  • Automatically generate complete pull sheets.
  • Manage costs, inventory & spending by ordering what’s needed, when its needed.
  • Schedule syncing around office hours to insure no disruptions in your sales process
  • Eliminate ordering mistakes & errors
OpMan Payments
The OpMan Payments integration provides seamless credit card payment processing so you can easily process the transaction without ever having to leave the software. This integration is specialized towards the HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Security, and Construction industries, but can be customized for virtually any industry. With the advanced protection and powerful security solutions of Opportunity Manager™ and OpMan Payments, you can offer your customers a secured credit card payment option, whether that’s in person or online. These two powerful tools will save your company time and money and will provide an optimal customer experience.
By utilizing the unique benefits and strengths of Opportunity Manager™ and ServiceTitan™, you get the best of both worlds!
  • Reduce Double Entry
  • Save Time
  • Reduce Billing Mistakes