What is Opportunity Manager?

Opportunity Manager is a retail sales and operations software for the home services industry, offering a complete set of capabilities for your entire team.

How can Opportunity Manager help my business?

With Opportunity Manager, your business will be connected from sales to install, lowering the frequency of mistakes and call backs. Increase your company’s average sales, while decreasing labor times and tedious manual tasks.

How can Opportunity Manager help my sales team?

Your sales team will benefit from creating a unique, specialized sales process with the pricing and accessories they select. They can also offer tiered financing and generate unique proposals for each sale.

How can Opportunity Manager help my install team?

Your install team will have access to all the information needed to complete the job correctly including photos, videos and instructions for each site, detailed job packets, and materials and equipment lists. They can also add on accessories while on-site at the customer’s request.

How can Opportunity Manager help my operations team?

Owners and operations teams will be able to learn more about their company’s business cycle via data tracking and reports. With over 20 different reports on products, leads, proposal, sales, referrals, and jobs, you’ll get detailed insight on the key areas of your company.

How does Opportunity Manager differ from other HVAC sales software?

Unlike other software for HVAC, Opportunity Manager was created by an HVAC professional, not a software designer. Based on years of industry experience, our founder created a software influenced by the hands-on knowledge one can only gain from working in the field. As a result of this unique history, many of our tools, tracking and reporting are distinct to the software.

Does Opportunity Manager offer integrations?

Yes! Opportunity Manager offers a variety of integrations with software you may already be using, including QuickBooks, Gensco and ServiceTitan. For more information on integrations visit: https://www.opactive.com/opportunity-manager-integrations

How much does OpMan cost?

Our pricing varies depending on business size and needs, as well as on which add-ons you select. Our plans are ultra-customizable, so you can select what is perfect for your business! Feel free to check out our offerings here or contact us for a free quote.

How can I learn more?

If you have further questions or would like to schedule a demo, please reach out to us at info@opactive.com or fill out our contact form.

How different parts of the software help different members of the team ?

Owners: As a business owner, Opportunity Manager helps you gain better insights into your company. You will be able to track key metrics to see where improvement is needed in areas such as technician and sales performance, lead tracking, accessory sale tracking and more.

Technicians: As a technician, Opportunity Manager gives you on-site access to everything you need to get the job done right. You can view each client’s work history from sale to install to make sure nothing is missing. You can also access detailed photos, videos and instructions for each job, and sell add-ons on site!

Office Staff: As an operations manager or administrative employee, Opportunity Manager makes your life easier by automating traditionally time-consuming tasks. You can manage pricing and margins, access detailed job budgeting, offer tiered financing, and more all from one application.

Top Reasons to switch to OpMan

1. Increase closing ratio, upsell, average sale, accessory sales, and financed sales

2. Reduce call backs and omissions

3. Improve labor efficiency and employee satisfaction

4. Offer professional proposals that will boost sales

5. Create a detailed, structured sales process

6. Track key data via performance reports

7. Manage pricing more efficiently