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Now available for Mobile Devices

HVAC Showroom™ 

The HVAC Showroom will INFORM, OFFER and EDUCATE homeowners on the features and benefits of different HVAC equipment and accessories! You can also use it to train your entire staff and new employees on these products.

Comfort Optimizer™ 

The ORIGINAL mobile application to perform HVAC load calculations, the Comfort Optimizer has been used by HVAC professionals for over a decade on different mobile devices and now is available for the newest mobile devices!
Ideal Home Comfort
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1 in 3 Laptops fail over 3 years

A study from SquareTrade reveals just how fragile portable computers really are. Purchase a new laptop directly from Opportunity Interactive and get a 3 year warranty! Download the report created by SquareTrade.

Vast Majority of U.S. Households Know About Energy Star Label

Public awareness of EPA's Energy Star label has jumped to 68 percent of U.S. households.

Watch the CNBC News story about the Opportunity Manager system

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Opportunity Manager is the cover story in "PHC News"

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CNBC News Story
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