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HVAC Sales Presentation with the Opportunity Manager™

The Opportunity Manager HVAC Sales Presentation, Estimating, and Pricing Software

The perfect HVAC Sales presentation!

Sales Proposal/Presentation Features:

The Sales section of the Opportunity Manager is a state-of-the-art visual based presentation and proposal generation system. Designed to be very “Consumer Friendly,” it creates an interactive experience for your target customers. Here are a few of the tools in this system:

  • Ability to create complete ‘retail priced”, proposals in the customer's home on the initial visit to their home.
  • Featured areas on the proposal for Accessory and Add-on products to be sure that they are offered to the consumer.
  • Quickly create accurate Load Calculations, or import one from our integrated mobile software, the Comfort Optimizer™ Load Calculation software
  • Educate and impress consumers with integrated visual tools like the The Showroom V2 ™ software.
  • Our exclusive Comfort Builder™ sales process is a “screen-by-screen” series that takes a customer through a structured sales process. It includes:
    • Peace of MindNeeds assessment questionnaire for a homeowner that helps a sales person “zero in” on what the customer wants to buy.
    • Company Resume—customizable information to communicate to the customer about your company.
    • Photo Album—show the homeowner photos or videos of your showroom, completed projects, your employees, your installation quality, etc.
    • 3rd party studies showing the importance of proper installation
    • Quality Control Audit—Show the homeowner a sample of your audit form to communicate the high quality of your installations.
    • Peace of Mind—The key to every sale. You can focus in on the most important aspects of the system that drive the peace of mind message to the consumer.
  • Equipment Selection—step-by-step process of creating a proposal, inviting input from the customer.
  • Ability to create 3 proposals for a homeowner, offering a Good, Better, Best Proposal Comparison.
  • After the sale is completed, you can create the Job Packets for the install team without having to return to the shop.
  • Complete your professional appearance with our sales hardware kits featuring the Sony VAIO products!
  • Increase your sales performance today!

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"...customers tell us they chose us because we have the most professional looking proposals."

—Diamond Heating
Anchorage, AK
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