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HVAC Sales Management with the Opportunity Manager™

The Opportunity Manager HVAC Sales Software Signing HVAC Sales Proposal

Sales Management Features:

The Opportunity Manager™ Sales Management software system makes managing your entire sales process a breeze. It is designed to give the owner/manager the ability to manage the sales process.  Here are just a few of the features built into the management console of the system:

  • Change the costs and margins of any product with just a few "clicks"
    • Track and analyze projected profitability of every proposal
    • Set both global margins and individual product margins
    • Maintain profitability on EVERY job you propose
    • Special “Profit Protectors” automatically adjust your pricing on the fly to ensure you meet minimum profit goal
  • Create Job Packets for your operations team
    • Pull sheets ensure that the installer has the right materials
    • Pictures can be used to visually communicate with your installers
    • Details of each installer’s daily tasks
    • Drawings and dimensions of the homeowner’s equipment
  • Robust Sales Reporting capabilities
    • Track your add-on and upsell by salesperson
    • Complete view of your sales staff ’s performance
    • Set sales goals and compare goals vs. actual results
    • Compare what you are selling to what you are putting on a proposal.  (You can only sell what you put on a proposal!)
  • Complete Job Budget Reports
    • Automatically breaks down all projected costs and labor for each job
    • Automatically tracks the GPMD (Gross Profit Per Man Day) per job
    • Track all your spiffs and commissions
    • Complete labor budgets are generated for each job broken down into job phases!
  • All your pricing and equipment information can be modified
  • Synchronize pricing and proposal information with all sales computers in your business—making it easy to keep pricing consistent across your entire sale team.

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