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The Opportunity Manager™—Home Depot Module


The Opportunity Manager

The Opportunity Manager™ Home Depot Module is the perfect tool to use for all your Home Depot sales. This module can create and print all of the required Home Depot paperwork, completely and properly filled out and ready for signatures! This module also has the complete Wheel of Value™ for Home Depot. There is no need to carry your presentation binder with you on sales calls with the Opportunity Manager™ Home Depot Module.

  • Create and print out completed Home Depot paperwork
  • Detailed fax procedure checklist for Home Depot sales
  • Structured sales process prevents mistakes
  • Increase closing ratios on Home Depot sales
  • Look more professional on all your sales calls
  • Add sales staff from outside the industry

Home Depot Proposal

Home Depot Proposal Screenshot
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" Using the Opportunity Manager™ on our Home Depot leads, we are running with a 50% closing ratio and an average sale of $5,000."

—Universal Mechanical
Redmond, WA
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