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Trackless Shoe Covers


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Vast Majority of U.S. Households Know About Energy Star Label

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Trackless Shoe Cover - Dispenser 2CCD

Trackless Shoe CoversThank your customer after the installation by leaving the Trackless Shoe cover with a company sticker on it,  you will get the recognition over and over again each time they have friends and family over. Stay in contact with your customers after the sale by selling them refills for their Trackless Shoe Cover dispenser.

  • The easy " Step-In" applicator allows Comfort Consultants, Service, and Install technicians to put on booties with a hands free operation every time they enter the customers home.
  • It comes in a durable and highly attractive Aluminum finish.
  • Each dispenser holds 50 boot covers and is a snap to reload.
  • No more customer complaints of dirty foot prints and costly carpet cleaning bills.

Price: $ 84.95

Trackless Shoe Cover

Trackless Shoe Cover Refill "Master Pack"  2CCRM

The Trackless Master Pack refill gets you 1000 Shoe Covers ensuring that you will have an ample amount of this inexpensive, customer friendly, referral driving, product.

Price: $ 199.00



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