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Our Team


Aaron Schuh


Aaron is our determined and focused leader. He is a product of the computer technology generation (generation X), growing up with “techie” parents; he had his first computer at only 8 years old (way back in the late 1970’s!). He brings a wealth of experience in both business and technology.

Aaron has been running or owning different businesses since his 18th birthday. He earned a certificate in Software Product Management from the University of Washington and has completed countless seminars and training on Management and Software development.

Aaron also volunteers at the University of Washington as a motivational speaker, advisory board member and coach for the Software Product Management Certificate Program.

Not only has Aaron completed training in every BDR class but is often called upon to develop content and materials for BDR’s training classes. He has been published in different industry publications and was featured in the CBNC news story about our company.

Combining his strong entrepreneurial spirit, technology know-how, and vision with the knowledge of the HVAC industry pasted down through his family line (both his Uncle and Grandfather were successful HVAC contractors), Aaron has been able to build and structure Opportunity Interactive for success today and into the future.

GregGreg Gargan


Greg was born into the HVAC business. His entire family currently owns or has owned HVAC companies. Greg himself has owned and operated HVAC businesses in different areas of the US including Oregon, Alaska and Washington. His different companies have been located in rural areas and in large cities and have done revenues from a few hundred thousands to several million a year. Operating small and large companies has given him one of his greatest competitive advantages, the experience of having successfully taken an HVAC company through the many unique growth cycles (walls).

This broad range of experience was one of the key factors for Greg being recruited to Business Development Resources as a consultant specializing in Labor Management. Greg has consulted nationally with many HVAC clients. He has been a guest speaker and instructor at Distributor and Manufacturer meetings and classes. Greg is also a certified ACCA instructor for Manual J.

Greg’s down to earth personality makes him a favorite with all of our customers. He has lived the contractor’s life and freely shares his experiences with our customers. Where others speak from theory, Greg speaks from experience.


Product Manager: Opportunity Manager Suite

Joined Opportunity Interactive April 2001

Andy spent most of his first 3 years racking up flight miles going across the country teaching our customers how to use the Opportunity Manager software . He has completed and received certification as an ACCA Manual J instructor, certification as a Software Product Manager and also serves as the Instructor for most of our Load Calculation and sales training class. Andy now serves as the product manager for our Opportunity Manager software suite. Working with Aaron, they are building the next generation of software and hardware solutions for our company.

Andy has completed nearly all of the BDR training classes including OSP (Owning the Sales Process) , Structuring for Growth , Hiring, Compensating and Developing a Sales Force , Managing a Profitable Service Division and Labor Management .

He is extremely well liked by all of our customers and is known for his lighthearted nature and witty sense of humor, and ability to have children (he has 3 girls!).


Product Manager: HR Products

Joined Opportunity Interactive January 2004

Oksana has spent the last 4 years as the office manager for Opportunity Interactive. Now she serves as the product manager for our Human Resources products www.hvac-assessments.com and our newly launched www.OpportunitySmarts.com E-learning website. 

Oksana brings an energetic and positive attitude to our office and customers. Oksana is a favorite of our customers due to her great attitude and commitment to helping our customers.


Office Coordinator

Joined Opportunity Interactive July 2011

Carly comes to us from Starbuck corporation, where she spent several years perfecting her Customer Service skills. Carly is the first voice that you will hear when you call into our office. She is overseeing the scheduling and coordination of incoming calls. She brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm to the team.


Technical Support Manager

Joined Opportunity Interactive March 2003

Jeff joined our team after working as a technician for Ticketmaster and a large online brokerage. He has years of experience working on computers, servers, and networks. He also has several Microsoft certifications.

Jeff has been a driving force in building our support department. He has always received lots of compliments and praise from our customers. He is now directing his energy towards our support and manufacturing departments in addition to overseeing our internal computer, phone systems and processes. Jeff serves as a mentor and coach for our talent product support teams.

He is also a talented Chef!


Product Support Technician

Joined Opportunity Interactive August 2001

Nathan started working part time for us while he was still in high school. He has been primarily responsible for maintaining the default database of information for the Opportunity Manager product. Nathan used this opportunity to learn about our other products and is now part of our product support team.

Nathan regularly earns high praise from our customers for his work ethic and commitment to helping them solve their technical issues.


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