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Customer Wahoos!


Jackson Heating and Air Conditioning - LaGrange, GA

Dale and Ben Jackson

Lagrange, GA

Dale and his sales team WOW their customers and drive sales using the Opportunity Manager System.

Dale Jackson

Lagrange, GA

Dale shares his first experience using the Opporutnity Manager system with one of his favorite clients.

Total Heat and Air

Steve Lauten

Plano, TX

Steve talks about how much the Opportunity Manager system has helpped his business for over 7 years!

Daisy Mountain Air

Eric Nichols

Anthem, AZ

Eric Nichols of Daisy Mountain A/C appreciates how tools from Opportunity Interactive sets him apart from his competition. He believes the instructional animations really helps the customer make an informed decision and clinches the deal.

Pace Heating

John Maine

Corvallis, OR

John Maine of Pace Heating discusses how Opman tools enabled him to move up from simple spreadsheet management to a real, integrated solution to manage his sales.

Monthie Mechanical

Kim Monthie

Lexington, KY

Kim Monthie of Monthie Mechanical shares her thoughts on how Opman tools have helped her business and her customers.

Horizon Mechanical

Tony Smith

Denver, CO

Tony Smith of Horizon Mechanical reflects on how the tools from Opportunity Interactive keep him synchronized with his sales people and how the entire process, right down to closing the sale, is built right into Opman.

Trinity Air

Customer Photo

Dusty Davis

Peachtree City, GA

“Since I have been using the Ideal Home Comfort Showroom made by Opportunity Interactive, my sales have risen to a whole new level. I am closing more high end, high profit job than ever!

The Showroom helps me to be the Industry professional and High Efficiency expert. Just last week alone I sold multiple XL20i systems using the Showroom.”

One of my customers wrote us a letter stating ‘Dusty used his Showroom software to help me understand how I would benefit from replacing my system. It was extremely educational and had me sold right away.’

Mountain View Heating

Customer Photo

Bend, OR

Comments from the guys have been good and in fact we had a "no heat" (situation) this morning and Ric went out on the call and sold a $6000+ job using OpMan.

He upgraded the job from an 80% to a 95% Variable Speed with a humidifier & high efficiency filter.

It was a push pull with over $1800 GPMD.

Cape Fear Air Conditioning

Customer Photo

James Moore

Fayetteville, NC

Since Implementing the Opportunity Manager, I am closing 78% of my leads! The system paid for itself in the first month we used it!

Just yesterday I sold my first 20i unit using the Opportunity Manager! I have not sold anything less than a 14i since I have been using the Opportunity Manager!

After going through the implementation process, I can see that I did not really understand how to properly mark-up our jobs. The Opportunity Manager gives me peace of mind knowing that my retail pricing is set properly and profitably.

There are so many things you can do with the Opportunity Manager it is unreal. The Opportunity Manager makes it so easy to educate consumers about our company and our employees. With pictures of jobs, our employees and animations of products, we can do a truly professional presentation and educate the homeowner on the value our company brings to them. It is a great tool to separate ourselves from the competitors.

Chino Heating & Cooling

Customer Photo

Devin Little

Chino Valley, AZ

We are very satisfied with our decision to use Opman.

I’ve seeing my sales closing rate increase to 85%!

Not only an 85% closing rate, but of those sales 92% are all high efficiency systems!

The whole package works so well, and the simplicity of the system really makes life easier.

I would definitely recommend Opman to other HVAC companies.

Day and Night

Customer Photo

Quentin Collins

Fayetteville, NC

“As an owner the most impressive part of the Opportunity Manager program is that even though I am removed from the day to day selling to the customer I have control of the sales process. My salesperson has been with our company for 3 months and the Opportunity Manager has given him the edge to increase his performance. He has set the record for the highest gross sales for our Retro department in just 3 months using this system.

To sum it up, I was looking for a way to overhaul and energize this department and the Opportunity Manager™ has given me the tools, process, and sales model to do just that! This is one investment that every HVAC contractor should make (except my competit

Energy Efficient

Customer Photo

Chuck Worley

Yorktown, VA

"We have been using the Opman Sales program for over 2 years and the benefits are incredible. Average job this year $11,008.75. Closing ratio 63%. 80% upsell on retail work, 52% on RNC. Absolutely worth the money."

J. R. Bolton Services, Inc.

Customer Photo

Susan Bolton

Sugar Hill, GA

"The software is great. I am impressed at how smoothly it operates."

"We had a price increase in line sets, so in 2 minutes I updated costs and I next time the guys synchronize they’ll have corrected pricing in 2 seconds."

"Being a person who drives 1994 model vehicles, it was hard to let the money go for the investment but it was definitely worth it!"

Full Circle A/C & Refrigeration

Customer Photo

Keith Darmody

West Bend, WI

Using the Opportunity Manager has "helped all around. Closing ratio has gone up 20%."

The best thing about Opman is you "shouldn't forget anything off a proposal; goes through the whole process step by step. You don't have to be very computer literate to use it."

I "really like the management functions." He uses pull sheets, labor budget, etc., all the time and really likes the way "it's all in there." For tracking, it's great for doing reports on "anything you want," closings, ratio, date range, equipment sold, etc.

Hurtis Heating & Air

Customer Photo

Jim Hurtis

Wasau, WI


Quality Air Specialists

Customer Photo

Randy Schless

South Plainfield, NJ

“It seems like there are a lot of solutions available to HVAC dealers that don’t work. This happens to be one that does. Don’t get burned by going with a different program. We have seen a tremendous return on investment and tell other dealers at meetings they need to bring on board the Opportunity Manager.”

Kliemann Brothers Heating & A/C

Customer Photo

Herb Kliemann

Tacoma, WA

"We have won multiple jobs recently because we now have the most professional presentation with the Opportunity Manager system. I have greatly inceased my percentages of '1 stop closes' by using the system. We have been sooo busy lately that I could not imagine getting as many sales as I have, without using the Opman system."

Cool Climates

Customer Photo

Demetrios Mourouzis

Thornwood, NY

"I am extremely satisfied with the Opportunity Manager system. It has made a night and day difference in our sales!"

"After using the Opportunity Manager system for the last year, our closing rates have doubled and our up-sells have quadrupled"

"The system has allowed us to perform 1-stop closes more frequently, freeing up our time to go on even more sales calls! It also has given us a system that we can easily teach a new salesperson."

"We recommend the Opportunity Manager system to every HVAC dealer as long as they are not our competition!"

Allegiance HVAC

Customer Photo

Mokena, IL

"Using the Opportunity Manager, I feel extremely confident in my sales presentations. Using it has helped me to present a much more professional image to our customers and close more sales with higher margins."

"We are usually the highest priced proposal that a customer is comparing with and using the Opportunity Manager I have been able to close over 65% of the time."

"The best thing about the Opportunity Manager is that you can produce a complete, professional sales agreement right at the kitchen table with pictures of the equipment and listings of everything that will be done during the installation. A "one stop close" is very achievable!"

"I would recommend the Opportunity Manager system to any HVAC company, as long as they are not my competitor. I wouldn't want to compete against a company that uses it."

Workman Heating & Air Conditioning

Customer Photo

Mike Workman

Brunswick, GA

"I have been using the Opportunity Manager program over two years. I like the program because it gives me a clear understanding of my prices and labor costs. Customers like the program because the proposal is very professional and detailed. More importantly, I have sold many jobs with the system that it has paid for itself over and over again."

Gelber & Sons Inc.

Customer Photo

Uniondale, NY

“The Comfort Optimizer product has paid for itself time and time again. It was one of the best investments I have made.”

“Using the Comfort Optimizer, I am separating myself from my competitors and regularly winning jobs because of it.”

“My customers feel comfortable with doing business with me, because I am the only company that does a load calculation to ensure correct equipment sizing.”

“Now I am using the printer to printout the full detailed load calculation right in the customer’s home. This is very impressive to my customers.”

Dew’s Comfort Systems

Customer Photo

Chappell Dew

North Myrtle Beach, SC

"We recently brought in a Microsoft Gold Partner to do business policy of our information technology as it related to our business across all divisions. Each piece of I.T. product was reviewed by an expert with over 20 years of experience as a Microsoft partner and has preformed I.T. reviews for Fortune 500 companies and small entrepreneurial companies as well. So he has seen lots of software. After reviewing all of our software, his reports had “no comment” listed on pages of different software that we are using, until he reached the Opportunity Manager software that we have been using. His comments for it were “The Opportunity Manager software is one sweet piece of sales software. No kidding, that is a beautiful piece of sales software!”

Precision Plumbing & Heating Systems

Customer Photo

Bob Roe

Traverse City, MI

Bob says that they use the OppMan for every retrofit sale. They love the good better best option.. so he said it’s great he’s on the support agreement and got that. He said in 1st quarter they are up 51% from last year.

Tempo Mechanical

Customer Photo

Greg Gannon

Irving, TX

"We've been using Opportunity Manager™ for a couple of years in our retrofit department. In our experience, the system has truly been a significant differentiator in the home, particularly in multiple-bid situations. Most homeowners appreciate the professional appearance of the actual proposals, and the system allows a reasonable amount of customization to help separate you as an individual dealer.

From a managerial standpoint, the module has the tools to generate a good amount of job costing data, sales reporting, and material pull sheets on the back end. That said, the staff at Opportunity Interactive has been nothing short of spectacular in thei

It has paid for itself many times over in the form of increased sales and margin dollars."

All-Climate Heating and Cooling

Customer Photo

Jim Mirick

Elsmere, KY

"After my first 3 sales calls, I am 3 for 3 using the Opportunity Manager."

"After I go through the whole system, customers understand the value of my company; it makes their buying decision a no brainer."

"I really, really, really like the Opportunity Manager!"

"The Opportunity Manager is helping me close the kind of sales that I want, the profitable ones."

"What I love about the Opportunity Manager, no matter what equipment the customer wants, I know I will make the gross profit, Wahoo!!"

"I beat out 4 other dealers and my price was $1000 more than the others!"

"I wish I had bought the Opportunity Manager software long ago."

Prestige Heating

Customer Photo

Bryan Dwyer

Lockport, IL

"I sold the very first job I bid using the Opportunity Manager. I love it!"

" I am a very small dealer and as such I felt I was losing jobs to the bigger more professional dealers. But with The Opportunity Manager system and the whole laptop package, I look MORE professional than the larger dealers."

"I am certain I could have closed several more bids if I had The Opportunity Manager sooner."

"I am so pumped up, I am going to crush all of my competition!"

"Customers know exactly what they are getting with The Opportunity Manager."

"I love the SalesPro XV Laptop. It never leaves my side!"

"The Opportunity Manager is the best investment I ever made."

"I recently beat out another dealer just because I followed the sales process built into the Opportunity Manager software and they did not. I did the load calc and used my velometer to measure the airflow at the registers, and took pictures as well. No ot

R&R Refrigeration

Customer Photo

Rod Pittman

Kalamazoo, MI

"I sold 2 out of first 3 proposals I did!"

"Customers are very impressed with having the photos of the Furnace and A/C on the proposals. They keep pointing and touching the photos."

"The Opportunity Manager is a terrific sales tool." "The whole system runs real smooth and gives a professional presentation."

"The whole proposal process goes very quickly."

"I advocate the Opportunity Manager to every HVAC Company"

The ACT Group, Inc.

Customer Photo

Steve Howard

Phoenix, AZ

"For the first time in my life, a software program (Opportunity Manager) is a better way to perform the sales presentation."

"The Opportunity Manger software is the first In-Home Selling software that really works!"

"The customers build their own comfort system and sell themselves in the process."

Williams Heating

Customer Photo

Jan & Hollis Williams

Seiverville, TN

"When I first got the Opportunity Manager system, I had never used a computer before. After spending the day of training with Greg (Gargan), I worked on it all weekend and was out selling with it on Monday. It is so easy to use. I felt comfortable with it in no time."

"We were at a crossroads in our business; The Opportunity Manager helped spark the change we needed to start really making money."

"The Opportunity Manager is simply great and very easy to use."

B&B Heating, Inc.

Customer Photo

Bob & Terry Henschel

Orland Park, IL

"Working Like a charm!!"

"Fantastic tool, works Great!!"

"I sold the first job I bid using the Opportunity Manager 2.0 with a 46% GP!"

"Today I just sold a 14 Seer A/C and XV Furnace for $10,000! The customer was very computer literate, so the Browser based interface was easy for him to relate to. He selected his own system and sold himself in the process."

"I am experiencing a 20% increase in my closing ratios with the Opportunity Manager."

"The Software is so. . .visual, the customers really get into it. They sell themselves!"

"My wife Terry has come on board to do the sales for our company. She Loves It! She has limited HVAC knowledge, but the Opportunity Manager software makes it easy for her to be an effective sales person. She sold $70,000 her first month! "

"I used Right J's load calc program for some time, but I switched to the built-in Opportunity Manager load calc. The numbers are almost identical and it is faster than Right J.

Hardy Heating

Customer Photo

Dan & Traighli Hardy

Wasilla, AK

"We wish to express our excitement about our first experience with the Opportunity Manager 2.0 sales system. On the very next day after having our Program installed, we were able to go out and close the very first system we presented. Taking the digital pictures and having the ability to make a visual comparison almost sold the job itself. This is the best approach we have ever used. To [the] Opportunity Manager Team, we thank you for a job well done. My Million Dollar Sales Package is the best. Special thanks to Greg and Aaron for the great installation and support."

Hendrix Heating

Customer Photo

Jim Scott

Corvallis, OR

"The beauty of the Opportunity Manger selling process is that we don't break out every item as a separate price. The customer sees a system price with everything bundled into it."

"The SalesPro laptop package with the integrated full color printer is perfect for the in-home selling process."

"With any Computer Software, the key is the support you get from the software company. All of my Opportunity Manager support needs have been handled wonderfully."

"The Opportunity Manger Software makes it incredibly easy to manage a sales force of any size, I can make global changes in our entire product offering in minutes instead of hours."

"By using the active/inactive toggle on products, I (the sales manager) am in complete control of what products our sales force sells and how much they sell it for."

"The Opportunity Manager has separated us from the competition. Not one of our competitors can touch us now!"

"The Management Section gives me everything I need. All the cost, totals, Gross Profit Per Man Day, Labor, etc."

"Last month our closing ratio was 82% and upsells were 83%" "We plan on bringing on a new salesperson in the next couple of months. The Opportunity Manger software will get our new salesperson on the street selling in no time at all."

Monthie Mechanical

Customer Photo

Lexington, Ky

"Our closing ratio is 100% since implementing the Opportunity Manager 3 weeks ago! WAHOO!"

"We are on the top of our game using the Opportunity Manager."

Once customers go through the software, they are ready to sign on the dotted line."

"We love the Opportunity Manager."

Diamond Heating

Customer Photo

Jerry Ralston

Anchorage, AK

The Opportunity Manager is the coolest sales tool!" "In the last 45 days I have sold $140,000 with an 80% closing ratio and selling a variable speed 65% of the time... Wahoo!"

"The whole system works perfect. The customers are impressed with the level of professionalism I show by using The Opportunity Manager system. They know I am building a comfort system and will stand behind my work."

"The entire staff at Opportunity Interactive is top notch; they are always there when I need help." "The Opportunity Manager has paid for itself in the first couple of months."

Franklen Heating & Cooling

Customer Photo

Jeff Ahlers

Ocean Grove, New Jersey

"Everything dealing with The Opportunity Manager software and Opportunity Interactive, Inc/ BDR has been "First Class" all the way through."

"We are totally pumped about the Opportunity Manager. Greg installed the system on Monday and by Thursday I had already sold 2 jobs using it."

"The Opportunity Manager won't let you miss anything in the proposal. We would often times forget the little things, like hole cuts, but not anymore."

"The load calc is very slick, we are using the worksheets and summary pages for our local utilities rebate programs now as well."

"The Opportunity Manager with the In Home Selling module, just makes everything easier."

"I feel so much more professional with the Opportunity Manager."

"The Opportunity Manager does exactly what I want it to do."

Answer Heating

Customer Photo

Pat Foley

Lansing, MI

"Last month 2 of my sales people sold over 100,000 each. Our brand new hire did 34,000 his first month and 54,000 his second month with NO HVAC experience."

"This is defiantly the tool to use to get none industry guys selling quickly."

"Just doing the load calc is adding enough of a value to separate us from the competition. The opportunity manager load calc is much faster. All of our guys are doing load calcs now, before we only did a load calc once in a while if ever."

"The software helps me manage better, you can now setup labor goals for each job. This is saving us 20% on Labor. We could never do that before."

"Our up-sell has increased 25% from last year, we are really leveraging our labor through the up-sell." "The sales people we hire won't need to have as much technical knowledge, we can hire people with Sales experience."

"The biggest thing is does is keeps everything consistent between all of my sales people and our proposals are much more accurate."

"The Opportunity Manager pre-installation scenarios is the most thorough review of estimating that I have ever done."

Columbia NW

Customer Photo


Scappoose, OR

"In the 7 days since we got the Opportunity Manager, I have sold $40,000!"

"Having the digital pictures side-by-side is a powerful sales tool."

"My closing ratio is almost 90%."

"I feel I will break my personal sales record of $150,000 a month with the Opportunity Manager."

"This is better than my expectation. I can't find the words to describe it."

"The Opportunity Manager has gotten me out of my rut and set me on fire!"

Perdue Refrigeration

Customer Photo

Rich Guffey

Newcastle, IN

"I sold the first 2 Proposals I did using the Opportunity Manger"

"The Home owners find the software system very professional. It really allows the them to help design the comfort system."

"The Photo comparisons in the software really makes a big impact on the customer."

"We do load calculations on every proposal. The Opportunity Manager Load Calculation program works really well. All of the Loads are coming out really good. I like it a lot!"

"This year (2001) I won the award for the top salesperson in the state of Indiana and 8 counties of Ohio. I could not have done this without the Opportunity Manager software."

"The Opportunity Manager is the best tool for HVAC sales I have ever seen or used!"

Bell Plumbing & Heating

Customer Photo

T J Sardy

Anchorage, AK

"We had a Consultant/Instructor, Jay D. Holmes from the Alaska Craftsman Home Program, Inc. who specializes in building construction of energy efficient homes spend a day with us. We went through how the Opportunity Manager Load Calculation program is set-up. We wanted to know if it was going to work for us. He reviewed it and found the "good, better, best" parameters would work fine. He also gave us several "rules of thumbs" to gauge it by that are specific to Alaska. We compared the "rules of thumb" he gave us to the Opportunity Manager Load Calc results and found The Opportunity Manager was always within the ranges he gave us. We have always used our own "rule of thumb" for btu load. That works OK for smaller houses but the larger homes we always felt were over sized. We then compared our "rule of thumb" to Opportunity Manager Load Calculation and sure enough for larger homes our "rule of thumb" method was over sizing the homes. The Load Calculation is one of the best parts to the Opportunity Manager; we are doing load calcs now rather than guessing. It is also a very impressive sales tool. Customers can see the value when we go through the Load calc with them."

Carlson Heating & AC

Customer Photo

Dack Carlson

Kelso, WA

"I love the fact that I can print out a complete retail price book for all the products we sell!"

"The Graphic enhancements are Awesome! The program is totally customized to my company's branding."

"Everything that the Opportunity Manager software does during the sales presentation adds value to my company."

"I love the Sony Laptops. The screen on my XV model is incredible!"

DNS Heating

Customer Photo

Steve Wooding

Lake City, Minnesota

"We are totally pumped about the Opportunity Manager software!"

"The built in Load calc works great for sizing equipment, even on light commercial jobs"

Barry's Reliable Heating & Cooling

Customer Photo

Barry Stebel

Arlington Heights, IL

"I was in the field selling with it the very next day!"

"The Opportunity Manager program is even better than I expected."

"I am like a kid in a candy store using the Opportunity Manager."

"All of the features in the management section are truly impressive."

"Everything you folks (Opportunity Interactive/BDR) offer is top notch! Thanks for everything you do for us."

"I was extremely impressed with the job that Andy did training and working with me on the Opportunity Manager. He was great!"

Answer Heating

Customer Photo

Flint, IL

"The Opportunity Manager™ helps me manage my crews better. The job packets alone have reduced our install times by 20%."

Rex Byers Heating / Group Mac Company

Customer Photo

Rex Byers

Sharpsville, IN

"By using the scenarios and going through the set-up procedures, I no longer worry about having to add a fringe percentage to cover my miscellaneous costs. I can feel confident that the estimates will accurately cover our cost."

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