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U.S. Buyers Trust Sony the Most


This article from TheStreet.com explains why the Sony brand came out on top in terms of winning consumer trust.

Public awareness of EPA's Energy Star label has jumped to 68 percent of U.S. households

—Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"The survey report highlights that the government's Energy Star is helping Americans make consumer choices that are energy efficient and good for the environment. The survey has been done for the past seven years." Read more...

Ideal Home Comfort Showroom™ arrives

—December 2006

Impress customers with the benefits of Trane equipment, using this beautiful, interactive, animated software application. Read more...

"OH MAN, that is awesome! ... You made it easy to understand the definitions and examples during the equipment demonstrations. The fact that it is all so visual is amazing. Being in a 98% air handler heat pump market, showing how they work together will help the consumer “envision” the process. Sometimes it’s a challenge explaining it (they always think the ductwork comes from the outside unit)... Dude, I give it two big thumbs up."

—Dack Carlson

Opportunity Manager version 3.4 is now available

—November 2006

We take your suggestions seriously, and each new version of the Opportunity Manager™ becomes more powerful and easier to use, based on YOUR needs and real-life experience. Some highlights of version 3.4 include:

  • Good, Better, Best proposal comparison
  • Interface and navigation improvements
  • Synchronization improvements
  • Sales performance graph or bar chart
  • New sales reports
  • Create a master price list of active items, and
  • Much, much more!

Opportunity Manager is the cover story in "phc news"

—August 2006

Excerpt: "Seattle-area firm reveals its recipe to success"

"Universal was one of the first companies to implement Opportunity Manager when it was first released in 2000."


CNBC News story about the Opportunity Manager™ system!

—May 2006

Learn how Opman can benefit your closing ratio, upsells, and much more!

Watch the TV spot (13mb)

Opportunity Interactive, Inc. releases version 3.2 of The Opportunity Manager™

—December 2004

We are now shipping version 3.2 of the Opportunity Manager. This update includes nearly 100 new features that were requested by our customers. Below are the major new features in the 3.2 version.

Highlight list (all enhancements not listed)


  • New ability to offer Good, Better, Best comparisons for consumers
  • Create a printable proposal comparison with pictures of the units and retail pricing
  • Enhanced features added to the “Comfort Concerns” listing Solutions and easily print them out
  • Enhanced “Boot Camp” Proposal Flow – fully automates the boot camp presentation book
  • Print all 3 proposal pages with just 1 click!
  • Enhanced search and find all proposals for a single customer and then be able to View, Delete, or Modify those proposals
  • Bulk Delete features for ease of maintenance / proposal clean up
  • Two Discount Fields – use with instant rebates or multiple discounts
  • Enlarged Fonts – easier to read / view text on the screens
  • Fresh new Layout and look to the screens
  • Improved navigation menus reducing time to create the proposal!
  • Print and incorporate collateral and value builders from the “Wheel of Value” into the proposal process


  • Bulk Delete – ability to delete multiple proposals at one time (easy clean-up simplifies maintenance)
  • Bulk Cost
    • Update cost for a whole category of items from one page
    • % percentage increase for material cost
    • individual cost and labor increases – Material, Labor Hours, Fab Hours, Spiffs, Warranty, and the ability to make items active or inactive
  • Re-Order Selection page items–reorder your item listings in the order you want

Opportunity Interactive, Inc. releases the Process Manager™

—July 2003

Opportunity Interactive, Inc. has just released their newest product, The Process Manager™. The Process Manager™ gives the HVAC dealer the tools to create, visual based, Procedure and Process manuals for each employee in their company. There are a total of 7 different manuals covering the distinct different departments of the average HVAC Company. Manual can be printed and put into customized binders and given to each employee. The Process Manager™ becomes the centralized area for creating, storing and managing ALL procedures in the company.

The Process Manager™ gives the HVAC dealer the ability to create a “Process Driven Company”. This can increase productivity, reduce training time and increase the dealer’s profits! Every HVAC dealer will benefit from implementing the Process Manager™ in their business.

Opportunity Manager users earn top sales awards

—Saturday, February 10, 2001 Indianapolis, IN

During the 2001 Dealer preview for Indiana Supply, awards were handed out to the top comfort consultants during the 2000 year. The award was based on the number of Trane XV furnaces and XL Condensing Units sold during the 2000 year. The #1 place award was given to Richard Guffey of Purdue refrigeration. In winning this award, Richard beat out the 5 time champ, Chuck Croy from Knueve & Sons.

Upon winning this award, Richard had this to say. "I could not have won this award without The Opportunity Manager™ software. It is the best sales tool I have ever seen or used." Chuck Croy, Michael Church Jr. and Rick Elston rounded out the Top four.

3 of the Top 4 Comfort Consultants use The Opportunity Mangager software from Opportunity Interactive, Inc. Opportunity Interactive, Inc. is an affiliate of BDR, Inc. The Opportunity Manager software is an In-Home sales and sales management system that is used by HVAC dealers around the country.

Opportunity Interactive adds the Energy star's HVAC Investor software to the Opportunity Manager™ software

Opportunity Interactive, Inc. and Business Development Resources, Inc. have been selected by the EPA's Energy Star program to distribute their HVAC Investor Software. The software will be distributed with each copy of the Opportunity Manager™ software at no additional charge. The HVAC Investor is a return on investment (ROI) program that shows a home owner how using high efficient, energy star compliant equipment can save them significant money. It uses direct cost comparisons calculated with the regional heating/cooling hours and the local utility rates.

The software will also show the positive impact on the environment that the specific high efficient, Energy star Compliant equipment and energy saving accessories will have. As part of the training that comes with the Opportunity Manager, training will be provided on the use of the EPA's software.

For more information call: 1-877-816-6649

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